4108th Assault Infantry Regiment

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The 4108th Assault Infantry Regiment was a Regiment sized unit of the Third Imperium and was part of the Imperial Army that later became an elite unit of the Regency Army and, later, the Corfinium Defence Force.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The 4108th Assault Infantry Regiment fought on Corfinium.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]


While intended to be raised as a Jump Infantry Regiment, the 4108th Assault Infantry Regiment was never fully equipped in this role and operated instead from assault shuttles.

In 1129, the 4108th Assault Infantry Regiment was a TL–14 (second tier) Regency Army unit deployed on Corfinium as part of its garrison. At the time, the Dzarrgh Federate was in full advance, and the unit was to ensure that the training base at Corfinium was held.


The announcement of the Regency in 1132 saw the 4108th Assault Infantry Regiment rebadged as part of the Regency Army. The role of the Regiment was changed - Corfinium was now to hold open the evacuation routes from the Million Subsector while that was Abandoned. To aid in this task, the 4108th Assault Infantry Regiment was slowly upgraded to modern TL–15 equipment when it could get it. The old equipment was stockpiled in reserve.

In 1137 the 4108th Assault Infantry Regiment was told that it would be withdrawn from Corfinium, but a renewed Dzarrgh Federate offensive pinned the unit (and the rest of the garrison) in place. The Regiment fought a sporadic war with the Federate until 1139, when the first Virus Fleet appeared and cut the planet off from the Regency. The Regency Army declared the unit destroyed in 1140.

Allied with the remaining Federate forces (and the 688th Lift Infantry Division), the unit held off the invasion for a decade, fully integrating into the Corfinium Defence Force in the process. It was only in 1151 that the fact that 4108th Assault Infantry Regiment had survived reached the Regency.

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