133rd Fleet

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Numbered Imperial fleet stationed in Narrows Subsector alongside the 134th.


Because of the large number of Vargr border incusions and their extensive commerse raiding the admiralty has modified the disposition and composition of this fleet. There are several smaller than normal task forces instead of the massed battle squadrons of the frontier. Massive troop strength for planetary invasion is seldom called upon for dealing with lightning raiders who loot and disappear back across the border. In responce the commodores use small groups of destroyers with a single light cruiser and a light carrier. Some of the hottest fighter jocks in the sector compete to pull a tour on these light carriers. This is not the typical static deployment of endless drill and patrol. Aces from far and wide want some combat patrols against the Vargr pirates. A flight of picket rampart fighters in a crazy furball with a 400ton corsair is an experience which often leads to promotion for the survivors. A fighter pilot from the 133rd or the 134th in the narrows is often treated to a few free drinks and much respect among fellow naval veterans.

Ronald B. Kline, Jr.

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