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Mongoose Traveller is a new set of Traveller rules first published in 2008. The rules are designed to harken back to the Classic Traveller days, using simple rules (the 2d6) but updated to take advantage of 30 years of evolution in RPG design.

Mongoose Traveller Game Version (Edition)
Pub. Dates Edition Game Primary Publisher
2008 10th Edition Mongoose Traveller Mongoose Publishing


True to their word, the rules followed the Classic Traveller design, using 2d6 for most character creation and resolution mechanics. It was updated with an events table for failing a survival roll in character creation. It also included a task system (similar to MegaTraveller) for ease of resolving combat and other interesting events.

Meta-history & Background[edit]

When the Mongoose Publishing announcement was made in August 2007, there was some controversy in the Traveller community regarding the fate of the other, then current, Traveller publishers. Over the course of a few weeks, and many different discussion forums, it was revealed that Marc had decided to let the official Traveller licenses for QuikLink Interactive, Avenger Enterprises, and Comstar Games expire, most of which would expire in 2008 or 2009. The licenses for Steve Jackson Games and Far Future Enterprises would remain.

Mongoose Publishing announced the publication of the Mongoose Traveller Main Rulebook in April 2008.

Bibliography & Ludography Selection (Game Books)[edit]

Mongoose's plans include republishing many of the older Classic Traveller books, updated for the new rules.

The list of currently published books has several of these titles.

Main Rule Set[edit]

Core Rulebook
Book 0: Introduction to Traveller
Book 1: Mercenary
Book 2: High Guard
Book 3: Scout
Book 4: Psion
Book 5: Agent
Book 6: Scoundrel
Book 7: Merchant Prince
Book 8: Dilettante
Book 9: Robot

Little Black Books:
Traveller Pocket Edition
LBB1: Mercenary
LBB2: High Guard
LBB3: Scout
LBB4: Psion
LBB5: Agent
LBB6: Scoundrel
LBB7: Merchant Prince
LBB8: Dilettante
LBB9: Library Data

Supplement 1: 760 Patrons
Supplement 2: Traders & Gunboats
Supplement 3: Fighting Ships
Supplement 4: Central Supply Catalogue
Supplement 5: Civilian Vehicles
Supplement 6: Military Vehicles
Supplement 7: 1001 Characters
Supplement 8: Cybernetics.
Supplement 10: Merchants and Cruisers
Supplement 11: Animal Encounters

Adventure 1: Beltstrike
Adventure 2: Prison Planet

Traveller Character Pack Bundle
Traveller Referee's Screen

The Third Imperium[edit]

Alien Modules:
Alien Module 1: Aslan
Alien Module 2: Vargr
Alien Module 3: Darrians
Alien Module 4: Zhodani
Alien Module 5: Solomani

Map Packs:
Trojan Reaches Map Pack
Spinward Marches Map Pack
The Gvurrdon Map Pack

Campaign Books:
The Spinward Marches
Project Steel
Reft Sector
The Solomani Rim
Sword Worlds

188 publications for Mongoose Traveller