Mongoose Traveller: Library Data

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Library Data
Knowledge is Power
Author Colin Dunn
Canonical yes
Format softcover
Language English
Pages 72
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Version Mongoose Traveller
Year Published 2011
Available from RPGNow
ISBN 978-1-907702-10-5 - MGP 3855

Knowledge is a Traveller’s best friend and this book is packed with life-saving articles and library data entries. Designed for easy reference of the Third Imperium, Library Data contains detailed articles from A to Z on Imperial politics, ships, worlds, hazards, alien races and wars.


Compiled by
Colin Dunn
Ted Chang
Samantha Smith and Will Chapman
Interior Illustraions
Nuno Nobre, Ben Wooten, Carlos Nunez de Castro Torres, James Gammell, Kim Feigenbaum
Charlotte Law