Mongoose Traveller: Spinward Marches

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The Spinward Marches (MGT)
Travspinmarch 350.jpg
Mongoose Traveller
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Version Mongoose Traveller
Author Martin Dougherty
Format Book (Softback)
Canonical Yes
Year Published 2008
Pages 142

The Mongoose Publishing Spinward Marches Sector book details the history of the sector and how the various governments interact.


The Spinward Marches lie on the edge of Imperial space, an area that borders rival interstellar governments that directly oppose any further expansion of the Imperium. Far from the major centres of power the local rulers have more practical power than the Emperor himself. It is here that bands of daring individuals can take advantage of the hostile factions to carve out a fortune for themselves. The Spinward Marches offer untold adventure for those willing to seek it out.

  • The role of mega-corporations is also discussed with their rivalries causing almost as much conflict as the clash of the mighty empires.
  • The various alien races that can be found in the sector are also looked at, as is how they interact with the main powers.
  • Many planets are given a short description with many plot links that Game Masters can use for their own campaigns.
  • A number of planets are given more detailed descriptions, with some of the more notable being so described.
  • This sourcebook for the Traveller game serves a springboard for any new campaign set in the Spinward Marches during the Third Imperium.

Mongoose Traveller: Spinward Marches Campaign Data[edit]

The default era for this book is 1105 (Classic Era).


Author: Martin Dougherty

Table of Contents[edit]

Introduction 2
The Third Imperium 13
The Spinward Marches 39
Subsectors of the Spinward Marches 56
Adventuring in the Spinward Marches 122
Index 138