The Windermann Incident

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The Windermann Incident
Windermann 350.jpg
Publisher Avenger Enterprises
Version Mongoose Traveller
Author Martin Dougherty
Format PDF
Canonical no
Year Published 2009
Pages 69
Available from RPG Now


A cold water world just beyond the Imperial frontier. Windermann's far-flung settlements are linked by slow but reliable sea routes. For those wishing to travel with a little more speed, the airship service offers a safe and stylish alternative.

The Handley Aviatrix[edit]

Held aloft and propelled by state-of-the-art airship technology, Handley Aviatrix is a cruise liner of the air. Plying between Pendleton in the arctic and slightly less chilly climes to the south, she is a fine craft with an experienced crew.

Disaster Aloft![edit]

The voyage is interrupted by strangers with hostile intent. The crew are helpless and the airship is racing towards destruction. Armed only with their wits and what they can find aboard the Handley Aviatrix, the travellers must act fast if they are to save themselves. Failure means a choice between a long fall, a crash in the sea, an inferno... or possibly all three.

A Call to Adventure[edit]

The Windermann Incident is a complete adventure for Traveller written by Martin J Dougherty, author of the Spinward Marches sourcebook. It also details the world of Windermann and the political situation there, creating many additional possibilities for adventure.