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Avenger Enterprises was founded 2004 and is run by Martin Dougherty, a long time Traveller author.


Avenger Enterprises publishes materials for all versions of the Traveller game, concentrating initially on the two most popular settings within the Official Traveller Universe, the Golden Age of the early 1100s and the post-collapse Recovery Period of the early 1200s. Avenger supplements and adventures represent a return to Traveller’s roots: a mix of hard science and wonder; human drama and heroic adventures. Light on rules mechanics, Avenger materials are all about adventure and excitement in the far future.

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Meta-history & Background[edit]

Between 2004 and 2006, Avenger products were produced and distributed through QuikLink Interactive.

  • In February 2006, Avenger announced their products would be published and distributed through Comstar Media.
  • At the end of November 2008, Avenger's license to publish Traveller materials expired.
  • Under the terms of the license, Avenger was required to stop publishing (which includes selling PDFs) all of the items in its catalog.
  • Prior to this, Martin made an agreement with Mongoose Publishing to re-publish some of their titles under Mongoose's Flaming Cobra imprint and under the Mongoose Traveller license.

Avenger Enterprises has recently (Late 2011) undergone some changes. We are still in partnership with Comstar - that's never changed since the initial agreement in 2006 - but we're now publishing though Avalon Games. We have decided to part company with the Official Traveller Universe, but our products remain compatible with the Traveller rules from Mongoose Publishing.

Our present endeavours are set in our own Far Avalon setting (the move to Avalon Games was a coincidence; Far Avalon was developed years go) or else are generic. In either case, they can be slotted into a Traveller game without undue difficulty.

At present, we are working on sourcebooks, adventures and self-contained rules supplements as well as a fiction line. The latter ranges from fantasy through historical to science-fiction, and includes both novels and short fiction.

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