Patron Encounters

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Patron Encounters
Publisher Avenger Enterprises
Version Generic
Author Martin Dougherty
Format PDF
Canonical no
Year Published 2009
Pages 27
Available from RPGNow

Patron Encounters is a collection of 34 adventure ideas for Mongoose Traveller games. Ideal for a quick game or an unexpected twist in an ongoing scenario, the adventure seeds in this book can be dropped easily into any Traveller setting or era. All material is compatible with any version of the rules.

Patron Encounters are presented in the manner of a traditional adventure plot - a person wants something doing and is willing to offer a reward for completing the task. Each patron encounter has several possible outcomes in order to provide the greatest variety of plots possible.

Created by the Avenger Enterprises creative team plus long-time Traveller stalwarts from the Traveller Mailing List, Patron Encounters contains enough scenarios, odd jobs and misadventures to keep a Traveller group busy for many weeks.

Avenger Quote: "For that impromptu game or the party who insist on wandering off the planned track, Patron Encounters is a lifejacket for harassed Referees. Featuring the talents of the Traveller Mailing List, people who have kept the game alive all these years, we think we have created a worthy successor to the classic 76 Patrons."

This book is a re-issue of Special Supplement 3: Patron Encounters.