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Journal of the Travellers Aid Society is a role-playing game magazine devoted to Traveller, commonly abbreviated JTAS.


Articles in the magazine were grouped in various categories, some of which only started in later issues:

  • From the Management: Editorial, sometimes including comments, ideas, and short news items;
  • Cover Article: The headline article for the issue;
  • Amber Zone: ready-to-play scenarios, complete with patrons, rumors and nasty surprises;
  • Contact!: intelligent beings of the Universe.
  • Modules: official additions to the Traveller rules;
  • Ship's Locker: expansions to the equipment lists in the basic game;
  • Bestiary: expansions to the original Animal Encounters in the basic game;
  • Variant: a modification to an existing game;
  • Ref's Notes: discussions on some aspect of Traveller from the referee's viewpoint;
  • Review: an in-depth look at items of interest to SF gamers;
  • New Products Seen: short reviews of new releases;
  • Q&A: answering questions on all facets of Traveller.

Meta-history & Background[edit]

The first issue was published by Game Designers' Workshop in 1979 and the last of the first run was #24 in 1985. It was superseded by the magazine Challenge, which took up its numbering scheme and ran from issue 25 onwards with a broader role-playing game focus. All 24 issues in the first run, and the first nine issues of Challenge magazine were collected into three publications by Far Future Enterprises in 2002-3:

The Journal was resurrected for two additional issues in 1996 under Imperium Games, where the numbering was taken from where it was left off (JTAS #25 and #26).

Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society was resurrected as an e-zine edited by Loren Wiseman under Steve Jackson Games and GURPS Traveller. It is currently out-of-print, but is pending “re-print” by Far Future Enterprises in 2018.


Loren Wiseman

Issue Listing[edit]

JTAS (Issues 1-24)
Challenge (Issues 25-33)
JTAS (Issues 25-26)