Best of the Journal Volume 1

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Best of the Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society Volume 1
JTAS Best 1.jpg
Best of JTAS Vol. 1
Publisher Game Designers Workshop
Version Classic Traveller
Author Loren Wiseman
Format Digest
Canonical No
Year Published 1980
Pages 48

Meta-history and Background[edit]

Contains selected articles from issues 1 - 4 of Journal of the Travellers Aid Society


Loren Wiseman
Gary Johnson, John Harshman, William H. Keith, Jr., Liz Danforth, Charles Williams, Dick Hentz, Bill Rotsler, Don Rapp, and Winchell Chung

Table of Contents[edit]

Article authors are credited in the entry for the original issue of the magazine.

Amber Zone
JTAS1 - Rescue on Ruie 4
JTAS4 - Salvage on Sharmun 6
JTAS3 - Planetoid P-4836 10
JTAS2 - The Ship in the Lake 18
Feature Articles
JTAS3 - Asteroid Mining 27
Deck Plan
JTAS2 - Serpent class Scout ships 20
JTAS1 - Bush Runners and Tree Krakens 8
JTAS3 - Beakers and Sea Bears 16
Ref's Notes
JTAS2 & JTAS3 - Robots 36
Ship's Locker
JTAS1 - TDX 22
JTAS2 - Underwater Activities 22
Traveller Module
JTAS1 - Computer Programming 24
JTAS4 - Trade and Commerce 12
From the Management 2
Personal Data and History Form 35