Best of the Journal Volume 4

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Best of the Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society Volume 4
Best of JTAS4.jpg
Best of JTAS Vol.4
Publisher Game Designers Workshop
Version Classic Traveller
Author n/a
Format Digest
Canonical No
Year Published 1983
Pages 48

Meta-history and Background[edit]

Contains selected articles from issues 13 - 16 of Journal of the Travellers Aid Society


Loren Wiseman
D.J. Barr, Liz Danforth, William H. Keith, Jr., Darlene Pekul, and Steve Venters

Table of Contents[edit]

Article authors are credited in the entry for the original issue of the magazine.

Amber Zone
JTAS14 - Aces & Eights 11
JTAS15 - Chill 23
JTAS13 - Thought Waves 26
JTAS16 - Last Flight of the Themis 30
JTAS14 - The Darrians 8
JTAS15 - The Ael Yael 37
Feature Articles
JTAS16 - SuSAG 2
JTAS16 - Languages in Traveller 17
JTAS16 - Giving the Bank a Fighting Chance 41
JTAS14 - High Guard: Optional Rules 45
JTAS14 - Casual Encounter: Finger 15
JTAS15 - The Bestiary: The Crested Jabberwock 32
JTAS13 - Ship's Locker: Torches and Welding Equipment 35