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This user prefers GURPS Traveller.

Rik Packham has been playing on and off since 1979. He loved the original Classic Traveller rules written by Marc Miller, but did not like the way that MegaTraveller and Traveller: The New Era were headed with their darker future for the OTU. He never looked into Marc Miller's Traveller rules, but found Milieu 0 to be a great timeline to play in. He continued playing with CT rules.

Then GURPS released there version developed by Steve Jackson Games, and since he is a GURPS fan from way back, he gobbled up all of there GURPS Traveller books. Rik loved that Strephon had not been assassinated and the Rebellion and what followed had not occurred. He has yet to get the GURPS Traveller: Interstellar Wars books, though that is due to finances and not his lack of interest.

Rik hasn't played for a few years now; though this is due to the problem he has had finding local Traveller players. Seeing how he has been moving from Riverside CA to San Antonio TX to College Station TX (doing the Texas A&M U thang) to Austin TX back to San Antonio then to Concord NC and finally to Sparks NV (right next door to Reno) in the past twenty-ish years, you can see that he has been busy. Although, he has found players early on during that time and enjoyed their comradery.

Current Projects[edit]