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This template defines the table "SubsectorData". View table.

{{{name}}} Subsector
Unknown Unknown Unknown

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map from Travellermap.com

Sector [[{{{sector}}} Sector|{{{sector}}}]]
Capital {{{capital}}}
No. of Stars {{{number}}}
Majority Control {{{c1}}} - {{{c1p}}}%

This infobox is to display a subsector with the interactive Traveller map. This allows showing a map with each subsector.

A similar infobox without the subsector map is also available see Template: InfoboxSubsectorSimple. If you would like to use an imagemap, see the Template: InfoboxSubsectorImagemap


|name    = {Subsector Name}
|alg     = {majority allegiance: Im, So, Hv, Zh, Kk, Va, As }
|capital = {Subsector Capital world}
|era     = {Era for the posting of the subsector information} (has default of Milieu 1105 or 1116)
|number  = {Number of stars}
|position= (Position within sector: One of A-P)
|sector  = {sector where located}
|c1      = {majority control allegiance}
|c1p     = {percent of worlds under majority control}
|c2      = {secondary control allegiance}
|c2p     = {percent of worlds under secondary control}
|c3      = {tertiary control allegiance}
|c3p     = {percent of worlds under tertiary control}
|c4      = {quaternary control allegiance}
|c4p     = {percent of worlds under quaternary control}
|c5      = {quiniary control allegiance}
|c5p     = {percent of worlds under quiniary control}
|c6      = {sextenary control allegiance}
|c6p     = {percent of worlds under sextenary control}
 |spinward= {subsector to spinward}
 |coreward= {subsector to coreward}
 |trailing= {subsector to trailing}
 |rimward = {subsector to rimward}
  • The position= parameter uses the letter codes (A-P) to indicate which subsector should be selected by the display map.
  • The sector= parameter should be just the sector name, the template converts it into the correct link for display. In order to make this work correctly the sector page must have the Template: InfoboxSector included.
  • The alg= parameter sets the color of the title bar to match the allegiance color of the empire selected, defaulting to gray.

The Traveller wiki has a set of standard colors to be use for backgrounds when representing the larger empires in Charted Space. These colors match the colors used by the Traveller Map for the same empires. They are as follows:

This template requires the use of the Dynamic Page List.