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Diese Vorlage fügt Zeilen zur Tabelle „SubsectorData“ hinzu, die von der Vorlage InfoboxSubsector erklärt wird. Tabelle ansehen.

{{{name}}} Subsector
Sector [[{{{sector}}} Sector|{{{sector}}}]]
Capital {{{capital}}}
No. of Stars {{{number}}}
Majority Control {{{c1}}} - {{{c1p}}}%
Map Key Map Key

This infobox for display of subsector with support the use of an imagemap. The Blank Subsector describes how to create the background image and create the imagemap for the individual subsector. Cut and paste the imagemap code into the imagemap parameter

A similar infobox without the subsector map is also available see Template:InfoboxSubsectorSimple


  |name    = {Subsector Name}
  |era     = {Era for the posting of the subsector information} (has default of Milieu 1116)
  |number  = {Number of stars}
  |sector  = {sector where located (linked by template)}
  |capital = {Subsector Capital world}
  |c1      = {majority control allegiance}
  |c1p     = {percent of worlds under majority control}
  |c2      = {secondary control allegiance}
  |c2p     = {percent of worlds under secondary control}
  |alg     = {majority allegiance: Im, So, Hv, Zh, Kk, Va, As }
  |key     = [Map Key page and/or image] (has default)
  |imagemap= {imagemap tag from [[Blank subsector]]}