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The Traveller Inner Circle is a select group of fans, artists, authors, and Traveller enthusiasts who act as personal advisors/consultants to Marc Miller and FFE

Description (Specifications)[edit]

It is a mostly unofficial organization that chats (...conducts discussions) through emails and sometimes on forums or other communication platforms, but it also vets and promulgates new ideas and the preservation of old ones. The conversations can get very spirited.

Inner Circle Membership[edit]

Membership can be attained through contacting one of the wiki masters or another member of the Inner Circle. Members are individuals highly interested in Traveller and have most often significantly contributed to the science fiction genre and OTU setting.

The actual membership of individuals has been known to change over the years, but several individuals have been present for the better part of forty years and nearly 2,000 publications.

Selected Inner Circle Topics of Discussion[edit]

  • For some time, the development of the T5 Core Rules was an ongoing topic of discussion.
  • Development of starship combat game mechanics has been a major topic of development for several decades.
  • Among the current discussion topics over the past few years has the development of the Galaxiad setting which begins around the year 1900, long after the fall of the Third Imperium.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

In the earliest days of Classic Traveller leading to MegaTraveller and TNE, GDW staff and their gaming groups formed the core development group for Traveller. Fan groups existed alongside the GDW staffers, but after GDW fell so did much of the organized development of the game and OTU. Groups like HIWG, BITS, and CORE helped to fill in the gaps and eventually the Traveller Inner Circle arose.

Common Member Achievements[edit]

Many of the members have created illustrations, written articles for periodicals, have contributed to published books, or written fanzines.

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