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(1987 - 1990's CE): History of the Imperium Working Group (HIWG) is, and was, a fan organization for Traveller.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

HIWG has copies of the various files that DGP and GDW released into the GEnie library for comment. Most of these are sector files; the HIWG versions have most of the worlds named due to member input. Besides these, there are many draft documents written by HIWGers ranging from comments on Naval Architecture (ship design) to actual ship designs to Contact! alien articles.

Also collected have been works by many non-HIWG members including:

  • Software, Spreadsheets, Deckplans and anything else a fan might generate.
  • HIWG documents are available on HIWG CD dead link
  • Currently there is about 230 (zip'ed) megabytes of material available.


No information yet available.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Ed Edwards and Michael R. Mikesh started History of the Imperium Working Group in 1987 when MegaTraveller came out. It was originally to develop Imperial history through the Rebellion. It did a lot of this, and many ideas went into Rebellion Sourcebook and other products. It outgrew this focus, though, as people exchanged programs, wrote up sectors, and developed races.

To encourage ownership and friendly competition, sectors and areas were allocated to "analysts." (This paralleled a Game Designers' Workshop practice with licensees, a practice they have moved away from.) Some of this material has seen print as library data, some published sectors have had their worlds named by HIWGers, and others are very sketchy.

Members & Participants[edit]

General Roll Call:

  1. TBD

Quadrant Chief Analysts:

  1. Quadrant I
  2. Quadrant II
  3. Quadrant III
  4. Quadrant IV

External Links[edit]

HIWG divided charted space into four quadrants, only two have made it to the web.

  • Quadrant I (unavailable)
    • Q1 covers Imperial and Aslan space.
  • Quadrant II (unavailable)
    • Q2 covers Imperial and k'kree space
  • External Link: Quadrant III (via archive.org
    • Q3 covers the Aslan Hierate and its surroundings (i.e. Zarushagar and all sectors spinward or "west" and rimward or "south" of it.) Hopefully, this site will be a hub for work done in the Q3 area. For now, it will serve as the introduction page for my work on Ustral Quadrant sector.
  • External Link: Quadrant IV (via archive.org)
    • Q4 covers Solomani, Hiver, and neutral space.

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