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A Tesla is a unit of measure for magnetism.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

A tesla is a metric system used to measure magnetic flux density ("magnetic induction"), relating force, length and electric current. One tesla is defined as one weber per square meter. It is used to conveniently measure strong fields, such as an industrial magnet.

  • The tesla is equivalent to 10,000 gauss
  • The standard abbreviation is T.
  • The weber is a meter-kilogram-second (mks) unit of magnetic flux.

Examples of Teslas[edit]

  • Terra's magnetic field: 0.00005 T
  • A galley refrigerator magnet: 0.01 T
  • Junkyard electromagnet: 1 T
  • Magnetic field of a large gas giant: 1 T
  • Medical imaging scanner: 3 T
  • Typical magnetic field observed on an ordinary star: 100 T
  • Magnetic field of radio pulsars (neutron stars): 100,000,000 T

Term Usage Example[edit]

The damaged Gauss Weapon atop the Grav Tank didn't register even a fraction of a tesla on the sensors.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Some species are able to perceive magnetic and electrical fields through their senses. This natural ability is known as Awareness: it is an analog of Vision and uses the nervous system as the sense organ. As a being moves within a field, the nervous system responds to the microcurrents which the field creates, and this information is processed by the brain in a similar way to how the skin senses wind or radiant heat. Awareness is mapped to the mental image using mind-generated false colors known as Mag and Lek. They are perceived as transparent vapors which do not illuminate or reflect. They are generally not blocked by intervening objects and can serve as a kind of xray vision.

The tesla was first defined as a unit of force on Terra prior to the foundation of the Terran Confederation: it is named for Nikola Tesla, a Terran scientist and engineer born around -2664. Technologists found the tesla useful as the concept of the Technology Level and standardized ideas about sophont society development began to take form.[1]

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