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The Roadgrid System is a world-state traffic system used to create orderly groundcraft and gravcraft flow on advanced, high technology worlds.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The remote vehicle operating system on Sylea is called Roadgrid, but similar concepts may occur on other worlds. Computer controlled remote vehicle operation is possible at late TL:4-6, sophisticated enough to be used at TL:7-9, and practical on a large scale at TL:10-12. The basic equipment interfaces with most vehicle control systems if installed during manufacture, though retrofitting existing vehicles is difficult. It allows a central traffic computer to monitor all vehicle vital signs, navigate the vehicle, and communicate with the crew or passengers. All the passenger has to do is request a destination, and the computer will do the rest.

Image Repository[edit]

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Functional Explication[edit]

The basic equipment interfaces with most vehicle control systems if installed during manufacture (retrofit is difficult), costs .1MCr per 1m3 (minimum cost 500Cr), and has a volume of .001m3 per 1m3 of vehicle, with a mass of 500kg per 1m3.

NOTE: Roadgrid is essentially the same as the Autopilot subsystem, with a built in communicator, satellite navigation system, and large quantity discount price. Each vehicle in the TL-11 roadgrid system is considered to be operated by a Rating-4 computer, so the skill with maneuvering vehicles is effectively at a 9-level proficiency.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

By TL:10-12, Sylean Road grid technology is extremely reliable, to the point where parents will trust children on unaccompanied trips, and business people can call their empty cars to pick them up at a pre-determined time and place. Normal road grid maintenance is handled by a distance surcharge of about Cr1 per 10 kilometers of travel.

Expected Traffic Net Development Sequence[edit]



Foundational Age Societies[edit]

The first trains generally run on rails, tracks, roads, or prepared transit ways.

Technological Period: TL:1-9 and Tech-Name: Ur-Tech
Common Characteristics: TBD, etc.
Tech Epoch TL-Range Remarks
Tool Making Epoch TL:1-3 TBD
Division of Labor Epoch TL:4-6 TBD
Processor Epoch TL:7-9 TBD

Interstellar Age Societies[edit]

Gravitic trains have little to no need for preprepared infrastructure.

Technological Period: TL:10-18 and Tech-Name: Stell-Tech
Common Characteristics: Typically used on higher technology worlds trying to diminish the ecological footprint. Often used alongside Fusion Plus, Arcologies, Traffic Nets, City Minds, etc.
Tech Epoch TL-Range Remarks
Gravitics Epoch TL:10-12 TBD
Biologicals Epoch TL:13-15 TBD
Artificials Epoch TL:16-18 TBD

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