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Sometimes, from outside Charted Space, raiding the Third Imperium, Zhodani Consulate, Two Thousand Worlds, Aslan Hierate, Hive Federation, Vargr Extents, and other portions of known space, hail the green-skinned, muscular, warlike, semi-fungal, humanoid race known as the Orks. They are asexual, and they reproduce by releasing spores that grow into new Orks. Their main starships, Kill Kroozers, are equipped with incredibly powerful jump drives that make even the jump 6 drive look puny. Kill Kroozers carry sublight fighter craft called Fighta-Bombas. Both types of Ork spacecraft are armed with crude projectile weapons called Gunz. Orks are often armed with handheld weapons like Choppas and Sluggas.


The Orks were unknown to the Vilani-dominated First Imperium as well as the Rule of Man under the Second Imperium. In fact, the Ork corsairs were first encountered in Charted Space during the Long Night.

Ork Castses[edit]

The Ork race s divided into several castes: Warbosses (Nobz), Wierdboyz ( the Ork religious caste, capable of using psionics and promoters of the worship of Mork and Gork), Boyz ( the ordinary rank-and-file Ork soldiers), and the Gretchin (also called Snotlings; small Orks who are basically the Ork civilian worker caste).


It is widely believed that a faction of the Ancients first created the Orks for warfare.

Non-Ork Policy toward the Orks[edit]

K'kree and certain non-K'kree governments like the Solomani Confederation, Sword Worlds Confederation, and Aslan Hierate tend toward the deliberate genocide of Orks. Other races and governments (especially Vargr and Hivers) attempt to use the Orks as mercenary forces. The Third Imperium favors conscripting Warbosses and Boyz into the Imperial Army, exterminating the Wierdboyz due to their psionic powers, and giving Gretchin employment in some Megacorporation. Zhodani favor reeducating Orks with their Thought Police so they can function as productive members of the Consulate.