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A Stellar Remnant with very specific properties.


The Neutron Star is one of three main types of stellar remnant:

  1. White Dwarf
  2. Neutron Star
  3. Black Hole

Neutron stars should not be closely approached as they have considerable magnetic fields, massive gravity and generally have intense radiation environments nearby. Escape velocities are over 1/3rd the speed of light.

They form from main-sequence stars of over eight times the mass of Sol and are generally the remnants of a Supernova. Any planet in the same system as a Neutron Star will have been sterilised at that time.

Note: The rotation rate of a Neutron Star normally decays at a very predicable rate unless being "spun-up" by matter falling from an Accretion Disk onto its surface.

Pairs of Neutron Stars that are close together will slowly reduce their separations and will eventually merge to create Black Holes and massive gravity waves. Fortunately, such pairs do not exist in the Imperial part of Charted Space.

A Neutron Star will have a mass of about 1.1 to 2.1 times the mass of Sol. Less massive objects are White Dwarfs and larger objects are Black Holes.


Neutron Stars have been known of since before spaceflight.


World Listing: 1116[edit]

The following stars and systems are associated with this astrographic feature:

1 Worlds in Neutron Star
Omadarondu  •  


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