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A High Temperature Atmosphere is a type of atmosphere known for extremely high temperatures, far past what would be endurable or survivable for even the hardiest of conventional sophonts.

  • Any habitation on such a world would come at great expense and would require a variety of heavy-duty protective equipment and environmental technologies.
  • A high temperature world is typically known as an Inferno World.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

High Temperature Atmosphere: Although not a toxic gas, air temperature on a world with a carbon dioxide, chlorine, nitrogen or Earth-like oxygen atmosphere might be so high as to qualify the world as Corrosive or Insidious. Venus is a prime example with its carbon dioxide atmosphere squeezed to 92 Earth atmospheres and cooked at 460 degrees Celsius. [1]

The actual gas mixes which go with worlds with hostile temperature ranges will vary. For worlds with high or extremely high temperatures, atmospheres can include our own familiar oxygen-nitrogen mix, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, chlorine, or fluorine, possibly with interesting sulfur compounds mixed in. [2]

To combat problems of temperature, protective suits and vacc suits must be equipped with suitable heating or cooling equipment, Such equipment (normally built into vacc suits and is available for installation and use with protective suits) will combat the effects of temperatures designated as low or high. Extreme temperatures cause further problems and can put the atmosphere over the edge into an insidious classification without heavy-duty equipment and multiple backup systems. See the section on equipment for some specific items designed to combat these problems. [3]

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

High temperature worlds strongly tend to be corrosive and insidious in nature, precluding conventional life.

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