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The Forine Assembly was an interstellar, multi-system government.

  • Short-lived and largely fictitious interstellar state in District 268.

Forine Assembly (Polity) Goals[edit]


Forine Assembly (Polity) Government & Politics[edit]

The Forine Assembly government was characterized as having an average degree of centralization, which gave local/regional/planetary governments more power than most governments, but sacrificed uniformity on many issues. The Forine Assembly government was usually classified as a Assembly, a form of a Federation.

Forine Assembly (Politics) Power Factions[edit]


Forine Assembly (Polity) Technology & Trade[edit]

Forine specializes in producing cheap electronic components for the lucrative export market. Yet, profits gained from interstellar trade is only a small slice of the planetary economy. The system-wide economy is in the hands of a small percentage of the population and most Forineans live in relative poverty. The discrepancy between the haves and the have-nots is exacerbated by the fact that the haves import large amounts of natural food, mostly from the Ag Worlds Combine. Natural food is in short supply and many Forineans subsist primarily on unappetizing artificial and reprocessed foods supplied free by the state. Rumors and jokes which suggest that the latter include foods made from processed sophont cadavers are vociferously denounced by Forinean officials and generally dismissed by serious offworld analysts.

Forine's starport would be Class A if it wasn't too small for the traffic it has to handle. As it is, casual visiting ships cannot be sure of getting even elementary service in reasonable time, reducing its official class to D. This state of affairs has been chronic since 1104, when a construction workers' strike resulted in riots and extensive destruction of starport facilities. Every attempt to solve the conflict and remedy them since then has proved a temporary stopgap at best.

Forine Assembly (Polity) Military & Intelligence[edit]

The military of the Forine Assembly was known as the Forine Expeditionary Force.

Forine Assembly (Polity) History & Background[edit]

Short-lived and largely fictitious interstellar state in District 268. It was established in 990 by Chomi Norep, the then dictator of Forine, who claimed suzeranity over half a dozen surrounding worlds. Following long-standing policies, the Imperium promptly intervened and sent Forine's expeditionary forces packing, putting an end to the Assembly before the year was out.

Forine Assembly (Polity) Sectors[edit]

The Forine Assembly was an interstellar state composed of several systems.

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