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Final States are hypothetical societies with technology mastery between TL:28-30 Transcendents and TL:31-33 Ascendants whose technological capabilities allow them to form states like no others previous possible.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Final States (Ascendants & Transcendents): Far into the future Imperial scientists have hypothesized that sophont species will reach technological mastery rivaling the Ancients.

  • As greater and greater mastery of the universe is achieved, the ascendant and transcendent societies will strive to reach the Singularity, a level of omnipotent mastery of the universe that transcends technology itself.

Key Identifier Characteristics[edit]

There are many theories of what such a state might look like including:

  • Group Minds, Mass Minds, etc.
  • Incorporeal Existence
  • Life in an Alternate or Pocket Universe
  • Matter-Intelligence Melding
  • Psionic Technology allowing for a Blending of the Group and Individual
  • Servants of a vast Artificial Intelligence

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Transcendents and Ascendants change the nature of society and civilization. While some go pastoral and others go extinct, most push to achieve the final singularity, a status beyond technology and conventional paradigm. Their states make little to no sense to earlier forms of organized existence.

Standard Polity Growth Sequence[edit]



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