Democratic Government in Exile of Rabwhar

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The Democratic Government in Exile of Rabwhar is claimed by many to be little more than a better organized corsair band.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The world of Rabwhar (Spinward Marches 1822) is an Imperial member world in the Lunion Subsector of the Spinward Marches that has historically been ruled by a hereditary monarchy. The traditional monarchy was overthrown in 1095.

As a result of the General's perceived collaboration with Sword Worlder officials during the Fifth Frontier War, DGER continues to gain new followers and supporters as the continuing rule of the military junta becomes increasingly disliked. The former King's niece remains alive in exile, and continues to attract followers as she works to rebuild DGER's reputation as a respectable movement and her own image as a lawful ruler.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

In the year 1095 a particularly unpopular monarch was deposed in a palace coup, abdicating as revolutionaries took control of the capital city and set up a new government led by his popular niece. The new government was short-lived, however, as planetary armed forces took control of the situation shortly thereafter and forced the leaders of the movement into offworld exile, leading to the formation of a military dictatorship led by the commanding General of the Rabwhar Army. The leaders of the Seventeen Day Democracy, as the period of government of the deposed revolutionaries came to be known, formed the Democractic Government in Exile of Rabwhar (DGER), based on the world Shirene (Spinward Marches 2125).

They still claim to be the legitimate rulers of Rabwhar, though the organization has largely degenerated into a band of pirates and raiders.

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