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Type Medical
Tech Level TL–9
Cost MCr0.5
Size 3 kl
Weight 6,000 kg
Also see Medical Technology of Charted Space

An AutoDoc or AutoMed is an automated medical unit, capable of performing medical procedures or even operations depending on the sophistication of its processors. The patient is placed in the unit after being stabilized, and the AutoDoc monitors vital signs, makes suggestions as to treatment options, regularly injects prescribed medication, and will initiate emergency resuscitation procedures, unless overridden, if the patient's vital signs drop below certain minimum levels.

On Earth during TL:7-9, great advances in medicine, sensors, and robotics brought about the Hypothermic Berth, wearable sensors, robotic (waldo and remote controlled) arthroscopic surgery. With the expansion into space, these were combined into a single unit which became known as the Automated Doctor or AutoDoc. Early units had built-in capabilities of a field medic and connected to communications systems to be remotely operated by doctors on other ships. Further advances made units more capable and/or smaller.

During the early Stellar Epoch TL:10-12 the standard AutoDoc has the capabilities of a nurse for diagnosis and treatment, Hypothermic Berth cold sleep capabilities, and remote control for remote surgery by a doctor.

By the mid Stellar Epoch TL:13-15, the basic AutoDoc is a grav stretcher for field triage and transportation (but no longer has the remote surgery capabilities). And the (standard) Advanced AutoDoc has full surgical tools and skills, Hypothermic and Early Stasis Berth cold sleep capabilities. Still other specialized units exist such that they except the grav stretcher for rapid handling of mass casualties, or specialized for limb or organ regrowth, or expanded capacity for multiracial requirements.[1]

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