Antares (star)

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Spectral M1.5 Iab-b
Type supergiant
Multiple binary
Luminosity 10,000 LSol
Lum Rank 38th
Absolute magnitude -5.28
Mag Terra 1.09 (16th)
Temperature 3,500° K
Mass 12.4 MSol
Radius 883 RSol
Companion Antares B
Antares B
Spectral B2.5V
Type Main sequence
Luminosity 170 LSol
Absolute magnitude 5.5
Temperature 18,500° K
Mass 7.2 MSol
Radius 5.2 RSol

Antares (star) is a binary star system composed of a pinkish-orange class M1.5 supergiant star with a diameter of more than 700 times that of Sol, orbited by a blue-white main sequence star of spectral type B2.5.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Antares is approximately 600 light years from Terra. Visually, its luminosity is about 10,000 times that of Sol but overall, taking into account that the star radiates a considerable part of its energy in the infrared part of the spectrum the luminosity equals roughly 65,000 times (an absolute magnitude of -5.28). The mass of the star is approximately 12.5 MSol. Its large size and relatively small mass give Antares a very low density.

  • The Antares system also has a hot blue companion star (Antares B) at a distance of about 550 AUs of spectral type B2.5V. At magnitude 5.5, it is 1/370th as bright visually as Antares itself, yet still 170 times brighter than Sol. The orbit has an estimated period of 850 years.
  • Antares is the 16th brightest star as seen from Terra, it is the 38th brightest star in the galaxy, and one of the brightest in Charted Space. Antares is also the 10th largest star in the galaxy, and the largest in Charted Space.
  • As seen from Vland or Capital/Sylea, Antares would be very bright at -1.58 Magnitude (brighter than Sirius from Earth).

The Antares system star system is approximately 170pc from Terra, and is located in a Coreward/Corespinward direction from Terra at bearing 351.9o Galactic Longitude and +15.1o North] Galactic Latitude.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Antares is the primary star of the world Antares/Antares (Antares 2421).

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