142nd Fleet

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Numbered Imperial fleet stationed in Tansa Subsector.

142nd Strike Fleet - 2910/Tansa

Admiral Maru Brisse (m) PF2 TF-1

Squadron Type TL Statistics Location
167 BatRon TL14 B4SL Muidmu (Gushemege 2910)
2260 CruRon TL14 C4SL Kyla (Gushemege 2704)
1364 CruRon TL13 C4SL Jonosva (Gushemege 2509)
6303 CruRon(Carrier) TL14 C4SL Fubanan (Gushemege 2701)
4481 AssltRon(Inv) TL14 A3SL Raoh (Gushemege 3004)
6641 AssltRon(Tpt) TL14 A3SL Kukhun (Gushemege 3105)
4069 TankRon TL14 T3SL Luuen (Gushemege 2809)
3203 TankRon TL14 T3SL Miha (Gushemege 3203)

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