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Date: -1,770 Imperial
Solomani: 2,750 A.D.
Vilani: 1,734 VI
Zhodani: 2,193.1
Aslan: 545
K'kree: 5,313
Hiver: -4,361
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The Battle of Sosa (Daibei 0436) E571564-7

During the beginning of the Long Night just as the Second Imperium was falling, the Aslan Border Wars began in earnest. In the Gaalorn Subsector of the Daibei Sector a fleet of "imperial" worlds under the direction of Nowa Sol (later known as Harp (world)) was all that stood in their way. Count Gregory Orlov commanded several squadrons which had been sent to draw attention away from their weakened home fleet which only had six Battleships left. A Terran military advisor Admiral Juhn Elphinstone, commanded one of the two squadrons. They found the invading Aslan Ihatei fleet at anchor. They were moored to a large orbital refueling station at Sosa (world). This complex was a part of the high port facilities. Uston (world) supplied elite protected forces infantry. The count's shipyards had managed to construct some asteroid ships at TL–9 from local resources to thwart the Aslan Ihatei advances. The Aslan had this point had some fleets equipped with new TL 9 ships as well, having jump drive was a recent acquisition for them and their ships had not advanced that far as yet. They did however, learn at a phenomenal rate. This defeat is ingrained in their racial memory and they have never fallen for this sort of trick again.

The fleet focused their fire on each ship in turn, one at a time they overloaded their defenses. Each failed in turn. An ambitious Solomani warlord, Padishah Emperor Zade Mandal Husa of Sosa (world) had opened his facilities to the Aslan in a hope of retaining access to the stars during the long night. Eventually all these worlds ended up in Solomani hands, but that is another story.

Imperial Forces[edit]

  • 9 Ships of the Line (4,000 tons, 120 guns each)
  • 3 Frigates Nowa Sol Class Frigate (1,100 tons, 33 guns each)
  • 1 Bomb Ketch (1,000 tons, missile bay)
  • 4 Fire Support Ships (1,200 tons, particle accelerator bay)
  • 4 Supply Ships (600tons, 18 guns each, armed merchantmen)

Aslan Forces[edit]

  • 16 Ships of the Line (4,000 tons each)
  • 6 Frigates (2,200 tons, 66 guns)
  • 6 Xebec (800 tons, 24 guns)
  • 13 Galleys (1,000 tons)
  • 32 Small Craft (3 guns each, 96 guns total)