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Date: -1,766 Imperial
Solomani: 2,754 A.D.
Vilani: 1,737 VI
Zhodani: 2,195.2
Aslan: 551
K'kree: 5,316
Hiver: -4,353
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-1900s -1780s
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-1765 -1764 -1763 -1762 -1761 -1760 -1759 -1758 -1757 -1756
-1770s -1800s
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Lieutenant Eniku Sprague was originally assigned to the 8th colonial infantry regiment. He commanded 54 combat engineers. They had three 20cm mortars. They were assigned to a colonial Frigate. Although not really suited as ship’s troops. Upon arriving at the orbital Fortress Koork, he was placed in charge of a native company of 200 militia and some mercenaries. They landed and established a beach head. A series of seven fortifications were established as forward resupply and maintenance depots on the surface. They were ringed with sentry weapons and artillery scattered antipersonnel proximity mines.

He consulted with Commander Ortiz, the expeditionary financial officer. A reserve Brig was sent to rendezvous with the infantry column which had left the improvised class E, landing area near a TL–1 native village. They never rejoined the main column. It was assumed they were forced to revert to their default orders, as communication had not been reestablished. These orders were to return to the nearest forward operating base, and return when resupplied. That ship was never seen again.

The expedition left its home port with six ships and 600 people. After a bad mis-jump and fighting their way past Vargr corsairs to the frontier at the edge of civilization, only four ships remained and half their number had been killed or were missing and presumed lost. Most of that surviving 300 people wouldn’t ever see home stars again. Only four people are known to have returned home. Captain Navarez, had wanted to establish a barony and had an "imperial charter" to explore and claim territory in the name of the 'emperor'. He seriously underestimated the resourcefulness and tenacity of the natives. Despite his technological advantage, lengthening supply lines and limited food supplies meant his weakened force could be picked off as they weakened and wandered into unfamiliar territory.