Third Interstellar War

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(-2373 to -2362): The third in a long series of wars between the Vilani of the First Imperium, and the Solomani of the Terran Confederation.

Description / Specifications[edit]

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Interstellar Wars Overview[edit]

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History & Background / Dossier[edit]

A new Saarpuhii Kushuggi "Underking of the Rim Worlds" determined that the Terran Confederation would be a problem, and launched a two-pronged attack in -2373 on both Agidda and Procyon. In -2372 the Second Battle of Agidda was a decisive victory for Imperial forces. With mounting political pressure (Intrigue) the Vilani entered the Sol system in late -2371. Imperial forces were able to secure the vicinity of Terra. The Imperial commander, unable to land sufficient troops, concluded that he could destroy Terra, but not conquer it. With revolt brewing at the Imperial sector capital, the Vilani withdrew. Terra, however, had suffered brief nuclear bombardment during the attempted takeover.

A newly unified and resolved Terra entered emergency conditions, and by -2367 a small detachment defeated a Vilani detachment at the Battle of Junction and were able to lift the occupation of Procyon. Barnard and Agidda were taken with token Vilani resitance in -2363, and a major battle fought at Nusku in -2364. The Imperial commander was not as competent as his predecessor and suffered a major defeat. After a brief bombardment, Terran forces landed on Nusku, whose population was resentful of Imperial Rule. The Imperial Governor accepted the Terran offer of armistice.

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