First Interstellar War

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(-2404 to -2396). The first military engagement between the Vilani of the First Imperium, and the Solomani of the Terran Confederation.


Beginning an on-again, off-again series of wars between the two major human races, this war ended in the defeat of the First Imperium and the beginning of the ascendancy of the Solomani. This war was not, of course, the first war in space, nor the first interstellar war the First Imperium fought; but it was for the victors.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

This war was started when a Sharurshid merchant convoy approached too near the Solomani(American) base at Barnard, ignoring the base's traffic control signals. Believing an attack to be imminent the Solomani opened fire, destroying two ships before the rest could get out.

Two major battles were fought in this war. The first occurred at Barnard, where a technologically inferior Solomani force made of of American and Chinese elements were handily defeated by a small Imperial (Sharurshid) punitive expedition, resulting in the destruction of the base at Barnard. The Vilani fleet commander considered the Terrans sufficiently punished and withdrew. A second punitive expedition was launched in -2396, resulting in a draw, with many casualties on both sides. Not wanting to continue the expenses, the Imperium withdrew and unofficially recognized Solomani claim to Barnard, in exchange for a promise to stay out of Imperial Territory.

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