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Snapshot, small box and large box
Publisher Game Designers Workshop
Version Classic Traveller
Author Marc Miller
Format Game (6x9 box, 8.5x11 box)
Canonical Yes
Edition 2nd
Year Published 1979
Pages 26
Available from RPGNow
Product no 307, 602
Table of Contents
Snapshot is an early Classic Traveller game.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

As the free trading ship Beowulf jumps between the stars, a small band of passengers quietly assemble pistols from parts concealed in their luggage, and then make their way stealthily to the crew's quarters and the bridge... As they near the entrance to the control room, an alarm trips, and shots ring out - the situation instantly becomes a life and death struggle for the control of the ship.

This clash is but one of many possible scenarios in Snapshot, a detailed game of close combat aboard the starships of the far future. Almost any plot is possible: mutiny, boarding parties, hijackings, even piracy. And almost any outcome is conceivable, from ignominious defeat to total victory.

Snapshot is an expansion of the basic personal combat rules in Traveller, enhanced for use with a square grid, and adapted to allow play without a referee. Rules additions make the game completely playable on its own; yet entirely mutable with traveller adventures and campaigns.

Components include 120 die-cut counters (marked with personal silhouettes from various technological levels), detailed ship plans for both the Traveller Type S Scout/Courier, and the Type A Free Trader.Rules, charts, and scenarios make the game easy-to-play with or without Traveller.

Table of Contents[edit]

Introduction 1
The Game 3
Combat 8
Special Rules 12
Characters 15
Scenarios 16
Weapons 20
Armor 25
Ship Plans 26

Meta-history & Background (Dossier)[edit]

No information yet available.

Credits (Primary Sources)[edit]

Game Design
Marc Miller
Technical and General Advice, Assistance and Playtesting

Frank Chadwick, John M. Astell, Tim Brown, and John Harshman


Dick Hentz and Paul R. Banner

References & Contributions (Sources)[edit]

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