Azhanti High Lightning

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Azhanti High Lightning
Adventure Aboard an Imperial Starship
Publisher Game Designers Workshop
Version Classic Traveller
Author Frank ChadwickMarc Miller
Format 11x17 box
Canonical 1
Edition 1st
Year Published 1980
Pages n/a
Also See Lightning Class Cruisers
Available from RPGNow
Product #818

Azhanti High Lightning Game 3 for Traveller. This game also includes Supplement 5: Lightning Class Cruisers.

This page presents information of the Traveller game Azhanti High Lightning, see Lightning class Frontier Cruiser for the Starship Class.


Ahzanti High Lightning is a game of close-action combat between individuals on board a large military spaceship.

The game covers the weapons and personal abilities which can reasonably be expected aboard a starship; tactics and strategies then become the realm of player input. A variety of scenarios are provided, and many more can be generated using the components included in the game.

A "square and counter" supplement to Traveller, similar to Snapshot. Each turn is 15 seconds, each square 1.5 meters, counters represent one individual or animal.

The boxed set includes:

  • Fourteen full-color deck plans, on large sheets
  • 240 die cut counters for adventurers and defenders
  • Combat Chart
  • 44-page Rules booklet
  • Supplement 5: Lightning Class Cruisers


Game Design
Frank Chadwick & Marc Miller
Rules Editor
John M. Astell
Art Direction and Graphics
Paul R. Banner and Charmaine Geist
Box Illustration
Richard Flory
Counter Silhouettes
Richard Hentz

Table of Contents[edit]

Rules Booklet

Introduction 1
General Rules of Play 4
Special Rules 18
Advanced Rules 21
Integrating Azhanti High Lightning with Traveller 23
Scenarios 26