Lightning Class Cruisers

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Lightning Class Cruisers
Classic Traveller Supplement 5
Publisher Game Designers Workshop
Version Classic Traveller
Author Marc MillerFrank Chadwick
Format Digest
Canonical 1
Year Published 1980
Pages 44
Available from
Sold only as part of Game 3

Contains details of the Lightning class Frontier Cruisers, including history of the production run, service histories, deck plans, and variations in details for the different roles that various members of the class took up:

  • Fleet Intruder
  • Tankers and Auxiliaries
  • Commercial Service
  • Commercial Service, Oberlindes Armed Merchant
  • Imperial Scout Cruisers
  • Frontier Cruisers


This product was released as part of the Azhanti High Lightning Game 3 for Traveller.



Table of Contents[edit]

Introduction 1
Background 2
High Guard Statistics 12
Deck Plan Arrangements 14
Various deck plans for different purposes 16 - 39
Small Craft 40
Refuelling 42