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The Darrian Navy has a rich tradition and a long history. The Spinward Marches have been the site of many conflicts and serve as a crossroads between large empires. As such the Darrians has sought alliances to protect their interests. When diplomacy fails they have assembled a powerful fleet to keep ambitious Sword Worlds Confederation commanders from getting any ideas.


The fleet faces struggles to maintain cohesion with ships built across a variety of technology levels at a variety of shipyards. Admirals must adapt and use what they available to the best effect. Their tactics tend to be conservative and not overly aggressive. Security is seen as more important than glory.

Doctrine & Strategy (Operations)[edit]

The stellar trigger and relic fleets have been used for along time as a deterrent to foreign aggression. The Darrians rely on secrets from their past to intimidate foes and force them to second guess what the Darrians might do if pushed to far.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

There have been several battles between the Sword Worlds and the Darrians. In 788 was an example of the struggle for control of the Entropic Worlds.

Fleet Composition (Organization)[edit]

Every shipyard within Darrian territory is encouraged to under take military contracts and produce and contribute warships for the defense of their territory. The task force approach is flexible and allows the forces to be tailored for the threats that present themselves. The Darrian forces do not typically go looking for trouble. Trouble just seems to find them.

Nosea Squadron B2326BB-C[edit]

The Nosea Squadron contains a mixture of ships, several built in Jacent and Darrian shipyards.

Each squadron is formed from a group of task forces. Each task force is centered around a small number of capital ships. A single million ton fleet tender is the flagship for most task forces with an assortment of ships which, according to Admiral Andy Slack may include:

1st Taskforce[edit]

2nd Taskforce[edit]

3rd Taskforce[edit]

4th Taskforce[edit]

5th Taskforce[edit]

6th Taskforce[edit]

7th Taskforce[edit]

8th Taskforce[edit]

9th Taskforce[edit]

Laberv Squadron B354443-7[edit]

Customs Patrol Taskforce, "Lucky 7th" composed of an assortment of surplus non-standard and odd sized hulls from the Jacent Orbital Shipyards

The other task forces use:

Mire Squadron and Shipyard A665A95-B[edit]

Spume Squadron C140200-A[edit]

Jacent Shipyard A333644-D[edit]


Ilium Squadron B444831-9[edit]


Darrian Shipyard A463955-G[edit]


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