Oppenheimer class Light Escort

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Oppenheimer Class
Type: EL Light Escort
Origin [[ Darrian]]
Technology level TL–15
Size 500 Tons
Jump J-4
Maneuver 6 G
Hardpoints 5
Cargo 10 Tons
Crew 16 with 8 Marines
Passengers 3 High/Med 0 Low
Cost MCr 402.54
Qty: MCr 322.032

The Darrian Oppenheimer Class is a light escort assigned to most Darrian Task Forces as perimeter defense and escort. Efficient and no-nonsense like typical Darrian designs, the Oppenheimer also demonstrates the flair and elegance of typical Darrian design. At home in an atmosphere as well as deep space, effectively armed and armored, the Oppenheimer is agile enough to dog fight with fighters, armored enough to provide ground support, Capable of keeping up with a fleet, or acting independently as a courier, this Oppenheimer is no battle cruiser but within its roles serves effectively and efficiently.

ES-5146662-600000-05000-0   MCr. 402.54 Size: 500 tons
Bearing                        1 Crew: 16
Batteries                      1 TL: F
Cargo: 10 tons Passengers: 3   Fuel: 230 tons   EP: 30 Agility: 3
Marines: 8
Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops and On Board Fuel Purification
Architect's Fee: MCr 4.025 Cost in Quantity: MCr 322.032

Designed by John-Martin Lotz