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Zheng He is famed explorer and fighting man of the Celestial League.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Born -1433 and died -1371, 1.86m tall and 87kg, (A98A9A).

Typical fleet Composition[edit]

  1. Pinyin class Treasure Galleon - (62)
  2. Rùqīnzhě class Cavalry Regimental Transport - (9)
  3. Mǐ Fàn class Replenishment Vessel - (100)
  4. Sānlúnchē class Troop Transport - (42)
  5. Fuchuan class Warship Carrier - (58)
  6. Shè Zhènɡ Zhě class Patrol Boat - (36)
  7. Hóng Chá class Tanker - (10)

Typical Celestial League military TOE/OOB for this era.[edit]

1st Regimental Combat Team[edit]

  • Commander> Colonel Harland Sanders: 1st Regimental Combat Team Leader
  • SNCO: E-9, Mills Standish
  • Each regimental transport carries 3,000 troops, organized as 3 cavalry battalions, with support units, artillery battery, tank company
  • Each cavalry regiment has an elite battalion of three companies (100 marines each) of assault capsule equipped jump troops.
  • The cavalry squadrons consist of three Cavalry Troops each with:
    • 1st cavalry troop 10 officers, 65 enlisted
      3x Centurion MBT, 6x Saracen APC, 1x Scorpion auto cannon point defense, 1x Swingfire, tac missile carriers, 2 unit commanders, 8 cavalry officers,9 sergeants, 3 corporals, 31 grenadiers, 21 scouts and 1 herald (comms)
    • 2nd cavalry troop
    • 3rd cavalry troop

Infantry Regiment TL A[edit]

  • Personnel: 91 Officers, NCOs and Privates 3,212
  • Regimental HHC
    • Three Battalion HHC
      • Each Battalion has...
        • Grav Tank Company w/(12) MBT, Plasma Guns
        • Recon Company w/60 grav cycles, scouts, Laser Rifles and FO-TD
        • Pioneer Platoon, Sappers, Engineers, Demo, Mines, (4) Sleds
        • Artillery Battery (8) 30cm SP Hyper Velocity Mass Drivers , FDR Center, 4 Ammo Haulers w/ PD AC
        • EW/Signals Platoon (3) Electronic Warfare Sleds, jammers and direction finders
        • (3) Rifle Companies
          • SAW/LMG 1/squad
            • Sniper Laser Rifle
            • CES and ACR w/GL
        • (12) Grav APC/Company
          • Heavy Weapons Platoon large grav carrier to emplace and recover robo weapons
          • HMG 4 per platoon, sentry remote auto weapon with sensors
          • 12cm Mortars 2 per platoon, auto weapon, remote servo command
          • 8cm 100 long range rockets MRLS, 2 per platoon disposable launchers

Cavalry Battalion[edit]

    • Battalion HQ 3 ATV, 3 APC
    • Maintenance Platoon 4 G-Carriers/workshops
    • Light Tank Troop
      • Troop HQ 2 Lt Tanks
      • 1st Platoon 5 Lt Tanks
      • 2nd Platoon 5 Lt Tanks
      • 3rd Platoon 5 Lt Tanks
    • SP Gun Company
      • Coy HQ APC, G-Carrier
      • 1st Platoon 2 SP Guns
      • 2nd Platoon 2 SP Guns
      • 3rd Platoon 2 SP Guns
      • 4th Platoon 2 SP Guns
    • A Company
      • Coy HQ 3 APC
      • 1st Platoon 3 APC, 3 Air Rafts
      • 2nd Platoon 3 APC, 3 Air Rafts
      • 3rd Platoon 3 APC, 3 Air Rafts
    • B Company
      • Coy HQ 3 APC
      • 1st Platoon 3 APC, 3 Air Rafts
      • 2nd Platoon 3 APC, 3 Air Rafts
      • 3rd Platoon 3 APC, 3 Air Rafts
    • C Company
      • Coy HQ 3 APC
      • 1st Platoon 3 APC, 3 Air Rafts
      • 2nd Platoon 3 APC, 3 Air Rafts
      • 3rd Platoon 3 APC, 3 Air Rafts

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

He began his illustrious career as a humble Celestial League marine. He rose to become a prominent court advisor to the emperor. He is regarded as an explorer, diplomat, and eventually a fleet admiral.

He was sterilized as a measure of his obedience to the emperor and had no children. He had four sisters, wed to noble families as princesses. They proved very influential in breeding noble blood lines for the next 100 years. There were rumors of extensive use of anagathics. His older brother was a famous general, who distinguished himself as a fearless military leader and commanded an elite division. Zheng He is the greatx3 grandson of a foreign mercenary garrison commander stationed at the capital.

A favorite of the young emperor who he assisted with usurpation of his father. He successfully commanded the defenses of the capital. He successfully defended the capital city at the battle of the reservoir, during a brutal siege. Zheng commanded a cavalry regiment and was made responsible for the pacification campaigns.

Throughout his travels and voyages he built a series of White Towers, massive fortress complexes, usually located in the mountains overlooking the capital city and the starport on worlds he pacified.

He mounted seven voyages on behalf of the ruling celestial dynasty. This series of trading and exploration voyages occurred between -1405 and -1371 during the Long Night along the Aslan border. A great explorer or Reaver depending on who you ask.

The exact circumstances of his death are somewhat mysterious, He is honored with a tomb, but most believe he died in space. At its largest his fleet consisted of 317 ships with 28,000 crewmen and troops. He represented the emperor as his diplomatic emissary. Accordingly he traded and raided where he could and collected tributes and exchanged gifts with dignitaries he met along the way. Zheng was noted for his fondness for exotic organisms and established a zoo of alien fauna. He travelled with a skilled group of vilani scholar bureaucrats.


1st voyage (-1405 to -1402) he visited 12 planets
2nd voyage (-1401 to -1399) he visited 6 planets
3rd voyage (-1398 to -1396) he visited 13 planets
4th voyage (-1395 to -1389) he visited 20 planets
5th voyage (-1387 to -1385) he visited 18 planets
6th voyage (-1383 to -1382) he visited 11 planets
7th voyage (-1378 to -1371) he visited 23 planets

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