Utovogh Tirades

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The umbrella that covered a number of propaganda movements that ushered in the Vargr incursions , centred on Corridor and Lishun Sectors, during the Rebellion.

History & Background[edit]

The Utovogh Tirades are named after a Vargr electronic entertainment device manufactured by a company named Knouksarrgh Ong (via its subsidiary Knouks) from 1090 that became the platform for the Utovogh Tirades (from 1102) and, specifically, the Oekhsos Tirades after 1110.

In 1090, Knouksarrgh Ong produced the Utovogh, a fancy, programmable holo-projector/viewer. The device, via a quick on-screen survey and user activity determines an array of personality factors about the viewer and tailors presentations to optimally meet the user. Combined with earlier work to attune the device to Vargr ears (changing the frequency output relative to the Imperial equivalents), and eyes (modifying the colour palette) - and making simulations that mimicked Vargr body-language - the device became a mass-media phenomena.

Programming was initially divided between entertainment and education with a high-degree of interaction and differing outcomes depending on the user's preferences.

By 1102, Knouks (the Entertainment arm of Knouksarrgh Ong) had determined that the majority of users were using their devices for musical entertainment. This triggered research into synthesizing a musical personality which could easily trigger the greatest number of responses in users. Various of these were deployed to the market and became known as the Utovogh Tirades. The most famous personality programme was Oekhsos and his anti-Imperial line, the Oekhsos Tirades.

The combined efforts of these tirades, looking for depth of market penetration with no concerns for the societal effects of the content, was the wave of armed migration that culminated in the invasion of Corridor Sector in 1119 and the raiding of Lishun Sector that also started in that year.

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