Oekhsos Tirades

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The Oekhsos Tirades were a series of anti-Imperial musical presentations created for the synthesized personality Oekhsos from 1110.

History & Background[edit]

Oekhsos was a synthesized personality run by the Knouksarrgh Ong via its Knouks subsidiary with the aim of gaining the greatest possible market penetration of Vargr space. By mining the deep vein of distrust that the Vargr had of the Imperium, Knouks achieved this goal beyond its wildest dreams and, combined with the Rebellion incited the greatest Vargr migration into Imperial space since the Vargr Campaigns.

The Oekhsos Tirades sparked some attacks on the imperium because the Utovogh provided the primary entertainment platform of Vargr starships. It was an entirely predictable outcome that some crews would react to the anti-Imperial propaganda by raiding. Until the start of the Rebellion, however, Imperial reactions were strong and decisive and such attacks failed to produce anything but Martyrs to the cause. With the Rebellion, and in particular the withdrawal of the Corridor Fleet, raiding became something that could be undertaken with relative impunity. The Oekhsos Tirades turned the first trickle of raiders into a flood. Success bred success and Corridor Sector fell to the Vargr.

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