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The University of Ushra Institute of Advanced Technology (UUIAT) is an institute of higher learning and a Technology Incubator. UUIAT was formed in 741 with the aid of generous funding from Arkayne, Naasirka, and the Imperial Naval Technical Services Branch

It is officially classified as an Imperial Academy of Science and Medicine (IASM).

Description / Specifications[edit]

The IASM on Ushra houses its four primary colleges of the University of Ushra Institute of Advanced Technology at Athene as part of the Free University of Ushra. In addition to the IASM traditional subjects, this city-wide facility is considered one of the foremost seats of advanced learning in the Third Imperium.

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

Founded as the Republican Military Scientific Academy in -1440 the University has since grown to number some 40,000 permanent teaching staff and 200,000 students. The university is acknowledged as a centre of excellence in many subjects, both arts and sciences, but is particularly well known for its historical/sophontological studies and its research in physical science and engineering.

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