Tripartite class Grav MBT

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Tripartite class Grav MBT
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Vargr Grav Tank
Tech Level TL–10
Mass 4 dtons
Cost 3,898,387.54
Mode Flight (Grav)
Type Light Tank
Speed 300 kph maximum
Cargo 0
Crew 3
Passengers 0
Armament Pulse Laser, Mini Gun, TAC Missiles
Manufacturer Various
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The Tripartite class Grav MBT is a vehicle that is a gravcraft.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

A Vargr grav tank in use with the Zuugabish Tripartite, organized into companies of at least ten MBTs. Three platoons of three and an HQ/Command Tank.

Image Repository[edit]

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Armored Unit[edit]

The Zuugabish Tripartite unit uses several companies of this MBT.

  • Tripartite Laser Grav MBT (TECH LEVEL A) "Bully"
    • Size
      • Vehicle Dimensions: Height: 1.2m + 1 m turret. Width: 4 m. Length: 10 m
      • Total usable volume: 56 m3
      • Total mass loaded: 311.926767 metric tons
      • Target Size DMs: +2 low and +1 high.
    • Crew
      • 3 (driver, gunner, and commander)
    • Armor
      • Armor: Turret and Chassis all faces 49.
    • Movement
      • Movement: Maximum 300kph/250cm; Cruise 225kph/187.5cm; NOE 75kph/62.5cm
      • Movement effect on fire: None
    • Systems
      • Sealed environment with extended life support for 3 vs. CBR/NBC threats
      • 30 Power Target Acquisition LADAR
      • Basic ECM
  • Thermal Image and Image Enhancement
  • Map Box/GPS
  • 5,000 Power Radio
  • 50 Power Maser Communicator
  • TL A avionics
    • Power
      • Power: 48 megawatt fusion power plant consumes 72 liters of fuel/ hour
      • fuel capacity 4,918.1 liters, enough for 68 hours.
      • Grav Generators produce 1.25 Gs.
    • Weapons
      • It mounts a stabilized turret on the chassis deck with TL A direct fire control with a 9MW single lens pulse laser with a coaxial 7mm Gatling Gun.
      • Nine megawatt input, single lens pulse laser
        May engage one target and has a +3 signature. It has the following direct fire characteristics:
      • Effective Range Long Range Extreme Range 3,000m (53) 4,000m (53) 5,500m (53)
      • Full weapons stabilization
      • 2 pods one on either side of the turret, of 39 TAC missiles massing 40 kg each
  • The missiles have a 26.7km range with a +10 DM for high performance, or a 36.7km range.
    • Type: Guidance Cost
    • HE 28/4/5 Homing Cr. 357
    • HE 28/4/5 Target Designated Cr. 657
    • HEAP 50 Homing Cr. 361.5
    • HEAP 50 Target Designated Cr. 661.5
  • A load of 78 HEAP homers is included in the purchase price.
      • The coaxial 7mm Gatling Gun can engage 16 targets in direct fire and has a +5 signature. Direct fire characteristics are:
  • Effective Range Long Range Extreme Range
  • 400 m(3)+8 750 m (2)+6 1,200m (2)+3
  • Carries 30,000 Rounds of ammo included in price, enough for 23 fire phases
    • Maintenance:
      • Vehicle: 5
      • Electronics: 25
      • Weapons: 8
    • Production Cost:
      • Cr. 3,898,387.54

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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