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Notes (2016)[edit]

There are not very many documented mentions of this sophont species:

  1. Cassilldans (also spelled Casilldans or Cassildans) are pictured in Solomani & Aslan, p. 24 as a tall, sword-wielding minor human race. No other details are provided.
  2. In Traveller Chronicle 11 they are described for the New Era as "contacted by the Terrans during the Second Imperium (Rule of Man). Their total fascination with all things Terran, and a belief that they were to play a significant role in Terran history, led and them in 605 to establish a colony on Terra on the coast of Lebanon near Tyre" (35).
  3. Illustrations also appear in Traveller 5th on pages 54 (craftsman) and 572 (Core Rules v5.09). There they are described as "a minor branch of Humanity, abandoned by one of Grandfather’s Sons on a low gravity world in the aftermath of the Ancient War.'
  4. Their homeworld, Ambemsham (Antares 0216 A5457BC-B), is a tide-locked world in orbit 0 of Krof, an M3 V star with an M6 V companion in Antares Sector (Core Rules pp. 546 and 572).
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