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Traveller News Service - 1111

TNS 1110

Date: 004-1111Lanth (Spinward Marches 1719)[edit]

¶ In a report made available today by usually reliable sources inside the Imperial government, it was revealed that, in the last weeks before the signing of a separate peace between the Imperium and the Sword Worlds, several deep-penetration raids on the industrial worlds of Gram and Sacnoth severely damaged major naval installations and manufacturing capacity.

¶ The Imperial government is reported to have rejected requests from Sword World negotiators for financial and technical assistance in rebuilding the ruined facilities. Ω

Date: 032-1111Dentus (Spinward Marches 2201)[edit]

¶ Vice-Admiral Elphinstone's staff announced that the last members of a small group of Vargr renegades are still at large in the Spinward Marches. These renegades are the remnants of hostile Vargr units which refused to surrender upon the withdrawal of the Vargr from the recent war.

¶ A spokesman reports that approximately 20 Vargr and two starships managed to elude pursuing forces and escape capture after the destruction of a hidden resupply base, located on a small planetoid in the outer orbit of the Heya (Spinward Marches 2402) system

¶ "The vessels were unarmed transports," reported Captain Bolinghurst of the Admiral's staff, "and pose no serious threat to shipping. Despite this, the Regina subsector remains under martial law until we can kill or capture the last of these criminals." Ω

Date: 092-1111Quar (Spinward Marches 0808)[edit]

Imperium and Zhodani Consulate emissaries formally closed their conference today, after having overseen the administration of the cessation of hostilities between all belligerents which began on 001-1111. All military forces have been withdrawn to behind their respective pre-war borders.

¶ All colonial forces have returned to their home worlds. Selected Imperial military forces will remain active to deal with various renegade military personnel.

¶ "This is not uncommon after a war," a spokesman for the Admiralty stated. "Some personality types get so keyed up that it takes them time to settle down again. Anyway, a lot of these people were criminals before the war, and are simply returning to their old occupation with some new equipment."

¶ The Imperial government has declared Regina, Jewell, and Lanth Subsectors to be amber travel zones. All other Imperial territories in the Spinward Marches revert to their pre-war travel classifications. Ω

Date: 263-1111Dentus (Spinward Marches 2201)[edit]

¶ A group of renegade Vargr operating as freebooters in the Spinward Marches continues to elude capture. Despite reassurances by Naval spokesmen that they pose no serious threat to shipping in the region, insurance rates for vessels operating in the sector remain at their war level.

¶ When questioned about the reasons behind this, a representative of Hortalez et Cie (who underwrite a major fraction of mercantile surety policies in the sector) agreed to comment briefly. Hortalez, feels that although no ships have been lost to the Vargr after the destruction of the renegades' resupply base in the Heya (Spinward Marches 2402) system, "a number of unexplained or incompletely explained disappearances have given us cause for some concern."

¶ Asked if they felt the Imperial Navy was not doing its job properly, the Hortalez spokesman responded: "We believe that the Navy is doing all that can be reasonably expected under the circumstances. We are merely exercising caution until it is verified that the renegades have been dealt with. This action is not a reflection on the Navy. We are merely acting in the best interests of our stockholders by keeping our risks at a minimum." Ω

TNS 1112

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