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A creature is a lifeform, as distinct from matter not imbued with distinct intelligence.

  • It is a term of reference of sophontilogical and biological origin.
  • Often used to indicates more complex lifeforms, symbiotes, and animals or animal-like lifeforms.
  • These animal-like lifeforms are regarded by most as having the greatest potential for sophontdom.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

A generic term used for any kind of lifeform, animal, plant, mineral, or otherwise that is at an evolutionary stage that does not yet use sophisticated technology.

  • While creature is a broad term that applies to all lifeforms, it is most often used to describe Non-Sophonts.

Beasts vs Creatures vs Monsters[edit]

Beasts vs Creatures vs Monsters
Name Stance Remarks
Beast Positive Beast of burden. Sociobiological term for a non-threatening service creature.
Creature Neutral Neutral term of a non-sophontic lifeform. Often not yet judged as to its threat.
Monster Negative Sociobiological term for a threatening creature.

Cycle of Life & Sophontic Civilization[edit]


  1. A-life
  2. Proto-Life (transitory stage)
  3. Creatures
  4. Proto-Sophonts (transitory stage)
  5. Sophonts
  6. Transcendents (transitory stage)
  7. Ascendants
  8. Singularity

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The earliest creatures formed the primordial soup, where life is believed to have arisen, in one of two processes – biogenesis, or abiogenesis. Regardless of origin, the earliest simplest forms of life are hypothesized to mostly arise in liquid mediums, which transition into cellular life and then into multicellular life. Obviously, many unconventional or exotic lifeforms don't follow this path, but the vast majority of conventional life does appear to follow this model.

Specialized Usage of the Term[edit]

Ixion (Reaver's Deep Urlaqqash)

  • Minor nonhuman race. Vicious animalistic killer, psionic. Looks like a possibility for an acidic-blooded higher lifeform.

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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