Magis Sergei haut-Devroe

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Magis Sergei haut-Devroe (64 to 141)

Description (Specifications)[edit]

His proposal, published in 114 was that the 100 or so known Minor Human Races (more than half of them extinct) all originated on a single world, and were spread throughout Charted Space by an unknown agency more than 300,000 years ago.

  • His work included a long study of Second Imperium records.
  • Of the two leading candidates, hault-Devroe eliminated Urunishu as an option through a long archaeological study of the world. His theory, borne out by later studies was this world was an Ancients zoological park.
  • This work concluded the homeworld for Humaniti must be Terra (Solomani Rim 1827).

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

When Terra was incorporated in the Imperium in 588, a small historical mission verified much of haut-Devroe’s work.

  • The hypothesis was already generally accepted by the majority of the human population in the Imperium.

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