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TBD was an online periodical about GURPS Traveller.

  • It was once published by SJG and is now owned by FFE.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

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JTAS Online Series[edit]

Articles by year:

  1. JTAS SJG 2000
  2. JTAS SJG 2001
  3. JTAS SJG 2002
  4. JTAS SJG 2003
  5. JTAS SJG 2004
  6. JTAS SJG 2005
  7. JTAS SJG 2006
  8. JTAS SJG 2007
  9. JTAS SJG 2008
  10. JTAS SJG 2009
  11. JTAS SJG 2010
  12. JTAS SJG 2011
  13. JTAS SJG 2012
  14. JTAS SJG 2013
  15. JTAS SJG 2014
  16. JTAS SJG 2015

Table of Contents[edit]


All editorial articles are by Loren Wiseman, as editor of JTAS Online.

Jan 10 Some Things Hold Up Better Than Others
Jan 24 Everything Old Is New Again
Feb 07 Status Update
Feb 21 Hittin’ The Big Six-Oh
Mar 07 Risk*
Mar 21 Anticipation
Apr 04 Lost Arts
Apr 18 Studies Have Shown
May 02 Small Changes*
May 16 My Status
May 30 Mercs
Jun 13 Character Flaws
Jun 27 Run That By Me Again?
Jul 11 My First Professional Game Design
Jul 25 Status Update Jul 2011
Aug 08 Some Helpful Hints on Designing Games
Aug 22 The Future Is Already Yesterday
Sep 05 Pets In Space
Sep 19 Small Adjustments
Oct 03 Robots 2011
Oct 17 Vive le Difference!
Oct 31 Allergies
Nov 14 Oddments
Nov 28 Five Traveller TV Series
Dec 12 Nerds Now Kewl
Dec 26 Lessons From The Past

Complete table of contents[edit]

A complete table of contents may be found in the USB supplement to Grognard.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

No information yet available.

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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