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Grognard: Ruminations On 40 Years In Gaming
Author Marc MillerLoren Wiseman
Publisher Far Future Enterprises
Version Classic Traveller
Edition 1st
Format Book (Softback)
Language English
Pages 480
Year Published 2017
Canonical Yes
Available from Yes
Table of Contents

Grognard is a Far Future Enterprises product.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Loren Wiseman's editorials for online JTAS appeared from 2000 to 2015. The text of this book is based on those editorials, edited from the HTML for EBook and print. (Page 4. note from text.)

Table of Contents[edit]

Grognard: Ruminations On 40 Years In Gaming
Section Page/s
Forward by Steve Jackson 5
Table of Contents 6-16
Year 2000 17-74
Year 2001 75-114
Year 2002 115-154
Year 2003 155-180
Year 2004 181-204
Year 2005 205-230
Year 2006 231-256
Year 2007 257-286
Year 2008 287-312
Year 2009 313-334
Year 2010 335-356
Year 2011 357-378
Year 2012 379-402
Year 2013 403-424
Year 2014 425-440
Year 2015 441-454
Year 2017 455
Afterward by Marc Miller 456
Loren Wiseman Design and Editing Credits 457-459
Index 460-480

Library Data Entries (Public)[edit]

  1. Game Designers Workshop
  2. Grognard
  3. Loren Wiseman
  4. Steve Jackson Games
  5. GURPS Traveller
  6. GURPS Traveller: The Best of JTAS
  7. Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society
  8. The Travellers' Digest

Meta-history & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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Grognard: Ruminations On 40 Years In Gaming
By Loren Wiseman

I hope you will join me in thinking that Loren would be proud of this book, of his work in it, and of the contents.

Loren was truly a grognard, and in keeping with that status, he from time to time grumbled that his reputation was eclipsed by other more high profile designers in the gaming industry. This book helps us remember that he started gaming in 1973, that he edited the Journal of the Traveller's Aid Society for more then 40 years, and - in addition to that - designed more than 32 titles, and co-designed 42 other titles. He was specifically credited in the design of the role-playing classics: Traveller, Twilight: 2000, Space: 1889, and GURPS Traveller.

This volume serves as a memorial to him and his work in the hobby and industry that he loved.

Far Future Enterprises

Credits (Primary Sources)[edit]

Credits (Primary Sources)
Credit Authors & Contributors
Author Marc Miller & Loren Wiseman

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