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TBD was an online periodical about GURPS Traveller.

  • It was once published by SJG and is now owned by FFE.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

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JTAS Online Series[edit]

Articles by year:

  1. JTAS SJG 2000
  2. JTAS SJG 2001
  3. JTAS SJG 2002
  4. JTAS SJG 2003
  5. JTAS SJG 2004
  6. JTAS SJG 2005
  7. JTAS SJG 2006
  8. JTAS SJG 2007
  9. JTAS SJG 2008
  10. JTAS SJG 2009
  11. JTAS SJG 2010
  12. JTAS SJG 2011
  13. JTAS SJG 2012
  14. JTAS SJG 2013
  15. JTAS SJG 2014
  16. JTAS SJG 2015

Table of Contents[edit]


All editorial articles are by Loren Wiseman, as editor of JTAS Online.

Jan 02 Big, Small
Jan 16 Epic Games
Jan 30 Test of Time
Feb 13 “I Don’t Think We’re In Kansas Anymore, Toto*”
Feb 27 Sources
Mar 13 My First Traveller Session
Mar 27 What Is Roleplaying?
Apr 10 Game Design 101: Fun and Games
Apr 24 Game Design 101: Focus
May 08 Throwaways
May 22 Adventures in GDW’s Early Days
The Giant Space Fly from Alpha Centauri
The Great Triplanetary Landslide of ‘74
Jun 05 Lost*
Jun 19 Looking Back From The Year 2000 (Plus 6)*
Jul 03 Good Guys and Bad Guys
Jul 17 “Those Crazy Ideas”
Jul 31 Musings
Aug 14 A Minor Mystery
What this got me thinking about was this:
Aug 28 Revisionism
Sep 11 Economics—Again
Sep 25 Star Wars Revisited
Oct 09 Mike and Me
Sep 25 In Memoriam: John M. Ford
Oct 23 It was Thirty Years Ago Today . . .*
Nov 06 Regina Startown 2
Nov 20 “How Come You Never. . . ?”
Dec 04 Advanced Degrees
Dec 18 Conversion

Complete table of contents[edit]

A complete table of contents may be found in the USB supplement to Grognard.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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