Imperial Navy Branch

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Imperial Navy Branches
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High Command
Line (Crew/Deck/Command)
Engineering (Technical)
Support (Medical/JAG)
Naval Engineering
Naval Intelligence

Description (Specifications)[edit]

High Command[edit]

This is a rarefied portion of the Line branch (see below) the component of the Imperial Navy that runs the most senior political offices of the Imperial Navy including the Admiralty and Named and Numbered Fleets[1]. While not technically a separate branch, it operates in a bubble of power not attainable by the majority of the Fleet. Entry to High Command is harder than entering into any actual branch.

Naval Engineering[edit]

This is the branch of the Navy that designs Naval starships[2].

Naval Intelligence[edit]

See Imperial Naval Intelligence[3].


The Flight Branch is responsible for the provision of bridge crew for starships[4]


The Pilot Branch is responsible for the provision of bridge crew for small-craft, such as shuttles and fighters[5]. Imperial Marines Flight Officers (i.e. those Imperial Marines officers who have attended Flight School) may get seconded to Marine Flight Wings under Imperial Navy Pilot Branch management[6]


This branch provides those experts in the weaponry, offensive and defensive, used by the Navy[7].


This branch provides the engineers for starships and smaller craft, bases, stations and those other facilities operated by the Imperial Navy[8].

Within the Engineering Branch as of the Imperial Navy only sits the Technical Services Branch[9]. This divides the running of the Ship's Engineering systems from the Technical Maintenance of the ship's other sub-systems.


This branch provides Drill Sergeants, Instructors, Doctors, Cyberneticists, Administrators and Accountants. In short, those personnel without whom the navy would grind to a halt[10].

The Medical Branch staff operate as their own branch-within-a-branch[9].

The Support Branch operates the Imperial Navy's educational establishments including: -

The Support Branch includes the Naval Judge Advocate General's office.


also known as 'Crew' and 'Command'[11][9]. This branch provides the majority of the general crew of a Naval starship and the entire command structure of the Imperial Navy.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

None available at this time