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"High Guard" is the crucial naval mission of defending refuelling operations from high up in a gravity well.

  • It is a naval strategy and tactic.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Naval task forces are able to operate independently for months without returning to base, as long as they have a source of fuel. Gas giant planets are the principle source of fuel "in the wild." Navies expend considerable effort capturing, and defending them.


This mission is of such critic importance, that it has become synonymous with naval operation in general.

High guard: Refuelling operations for a task force are another danger point, as forces which are low on fuel and maneuvering in a gravity well are especially vulnerable. The high guard position, so named because the ship or ships involved are higher in the gravity well than their companions, is used to mount protective operations during such maneuvers.

From "High Guard", GDW, 1980.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

All spacecraft must deal with gravity in some form. Interstellar starships are bound by the one-hundred diameters of a planet's gravity well. Even system defense boats do well to heed the competing gravity fields of a stellar system.

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